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I don’t think mosquitos or ants are ever going to be loved by us. There is a natural repulsion to getting bitten and feeling itchy. No one likes to see ants crawling near food, in the bathroom or disprupting a picnic. Today I was taking a shower and saw an ant on my bathroom floor. I took a spray bottle I use in the shower which was 2-3 teaspoons of moisturizing soap in water and then sprayed it. It stopped moving. I don’t like stepping on ants and this was much easier. (My mom used to vacuum wasps but I don’t like to do that either!).

For mosquito bites, I’ll just put on the gel and it will stop itching right away. Taking b -vitamins supplements is also supposed to stop their attraction . Some people never get bitten by mosquitos. I don’t get many bites but when it happens I like to stop the itch and have the red mark subside asap. Miracle II Soap also has no pesticide smell and the ingredients are safe on the skin.


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