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During hot weather, the skin can act up and you can find yourself having odd bumps, some itchy skin rashes and various symptoms. One thing to be aware of is that if you have a summer cold or respiratory infection and are taking an antibiotic, you can get a skin reaction if you are allergic. When we are sick, it is hard to know if the rash is due to being sick or if it’s the medication itself. Ask your doctor about this . Some people will also get hives or other reactions to foods.

In addition, if your child goes to summer camp, really anything can occur! When I went to sleep away camp for 3 years there were problems with impetigo, lice rashes and mites. Pictures of scabies reveal that the rash can look like chicken pox, pimples or a variety of common rashes. And you cannot see the mites as they are invisible to the eye due to size. Another rash during the summer is heat rash as well as reactions to swimming pools and jacuzzis. As fun as the summer can be, it can be a skin nightmare at times!

Of course, sun bathing as a whole other set of patterns. Getting a sun rash is not fun. Going in the ocean can result in sea lice, jellyfish attacks and other critters. Some people also may be using a sun tan lotion that does not agree with their skin. Applying miracle ii gel is excellent for many skin irritations.

Finally, beware of picnics where foods are left out in the heat for too long. This can result in both digestive issues, food poisoning and skin problems. Despite all of this, summer is the favorite time of year for most people and a much more stress-free feeling. This is because people enjoy walking in the evening, going to parks and not hiding out in the house due to inclement weather problems. It has been hot in the US all around the country in May so let’s see how the rest of the summer turns out.


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