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Miracle II Soap can be used in some ways you may not have thought about. Lather some up with water and use it to shave your beard or legs. People say that they can use their razor longer than with other soaps or shaving creams. If you’ve been exposed to chemicals take a miracle ii soap bath. I spoke with someone who had a furnace problem and didn’t know it. There was carbon monoxide poisoning but since it’s odorless and colorless she didn’t know it. When she took a long miracle ii soap bath the water turned brown.

The soap needs to be diluted and shouldn’t be use as-is since it’s very concentrated. Another use is to either wash laundry in washing machine with a few caps of the miracle 2 soap or use the laundry ball and use 1/2 a teaspoon. The ingredients in laundry detergents cause allergic reactions for some. When you sweat you are absorbing chemicals into your body. Read more at Miracle II Soap or send me an email at quietmind2000@yahoo.com for learning about various uses and how to get it at discount pricing.


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Okay, we all want our kids to get a good education but one downside of that is that kids can easily pick up various bugs and diseases being so close to other kids. What are some of these? First of all, the common cold and flu are obvious ones, but sometimes kids will go to school with bronochitis or a bacterial infection and not know it. Sure they will get on an antibiotic possibly that night but they’ve already been in school coughing. I like to make a spray with Miracle II Neutralizer and give it to my nephew to take to school to use. I’m not sure how often he does, but he is doing very well.

Head lice is something that goes arounds schools but usually the teacher will send a note home to alert parents. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. Other contagious skin conditions include Ringworm Rash and the highly contagious Scabies Rash . Please be aware that you need to get a prescription lotion for scabies that is 5 percnent and NOT to use the lice over the counter creams that are only 1 percent. They will not eradicate scabies. Also if it is scabies, your whole family should also apply the cream to avoid re-infestation to each other.

Well, what else is fun that goes around? Childhood disease like chicken pox is something to be aware of. Cold sores are contagious and also mono. Give your kid a multi-vitamin, eat well, have sufficient rest structured and ways to de-stress. Miracle II works well for baths and detoxing via baths. IF your kid doesn’t like sports or to exercise, get him or her to walk the dog or to do a few “errands” like getting the mail etc that will get circulation going.

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Our skin absorbs (that is why they have hormone patches, nicotine patches etc). This makes me nervous about laundry detergent chemicals as there is writing about the lymph system  and breast cancer. I know I perspire a lot in summer and we can absorb residues on our clothing after doing laundry into our system.

I have been using the miracle ii laundry ball to do my wash with just one teaspoon of miracle ii soap. They say you don’t need to use soap at all but I like to see the suds! Anyway the clothes are great and I’ll sometimes add a drop of white vinegar for whites. I feel now relaxed and that I can sweat all I want without worry.

If you do not have laundry ball you can use a few teaspoons of
moisturizing soap alone (but you will save money in long
run if you get the laundry ball). Also don’t put laundry ball into dryer (though I did accidently and it seems fine). The company guarantees the laundry ball for 3 years so that is a great savings on paying for detergent and of course mine is already over 5 years old. I also use two sometimes if I put in a big load in case it gets stuck in a shirt sleeve.¬† Read up on chemicals and the lymph system. Also a lot of people get rashes from changing laundry detergents or soaps so if you recently have had a rash try to see if you had changed any cleaning or washing products . This seems to happen often in summer time.

Stop by for Miracle II Soap information and pick up a free veggie cookbook and cat/dog cookbook. Oh the soap is good for fleas if your dog is suffering.

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