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I am not good with plants. I feel badly because clients give me plants regularly and I just seem to either over water them, not put in the right amount of sun or have another disaster occur. Anyway, I decided last week to start to add a few drops of neutralizer to the water when I water plants and to CONTROL myself and not water. So far, the orchid and iris are doing well.  I think over watering is the biggest mistake most people make.

For insects here are some ideas:

Gardening: A few drops ounce of Miracle II Soap added to 32-ounce water spray bottle kills insects on plants. But always add neutralizer when watering plants as soap alone can affect the flowering. (IF no bugs, you can just use several drops of neutralizer in a quart container). Do not use soap
product on flowers and vegetation that is decorative.

Miracle II For Plants


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