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I wrote in a previous post about Estrogen and Moisturizers from the research of Dr. Adrienne Olson who had 16 moisturizers analyzed at a lab and found that six had estrogen compounds in them. Since she is a breast cancer survivor this was very valuable information.

I am still not clear on why this isn’t put on the label. Dr. Olson said, “”No one could tell from reading the ingredients that the products contained estrogenic hormones.” In fact, it was due to her own experiences with chemo and her skin getting dryer that she used a moisturizer that helped to stimulate the research. She discovered that using the moisturizer that her skin was significantly improved. This made her think about estrogen which is known to reduce signs of aging.

Please research whatever moisturizer you choose. Miracle II Moisturizer does not use preservatives and hence it is recommended to use it within 180 days of opening it. Look into natural oils and simple recipes you can put together on your own as well.


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