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I’m naturally pretty frugal and I hate to spend more than I need to or waste. I wanted to mention that with the go green miracle ii products, instructions include remembering to dilute the product. Most people are not used to using a concentrated product and are used to pre-mixed products with water. The miracle ii soap needs to be diluted. The founder, Clayton Tedeton, said that people can actually do a face peel by using the soap as-is. This means it is very strong and it has to be diluted down for body care (as well as cleaning of course). I have not tried it for a face peel though people do that for wrinkle reduction.

Jerrry Seinfeld had a funny bit about how we tend to ignore directions. He was saying how people ignore instructions and warnings for things serious. But, when it comes to dry cleaning, people actually seem to take it as gospel. Senifeld said, “The only warning label people really respect is ‘dry-clean only.’ Y’know what I mean? Speed limits, lung cancer, cigarette warnings – your very life is at stake! People go, ‘Ah, the hell with it!’ But dry-clean only? ‘Oh, don’t put that in the wash! It’s dry-clean only! Are you crazy?!”

Anyway, save money and dilute the miracle ii soap. It is an interesting question about why people are so exact about certain areas but completely ignore other ones that may be more critical. For cleaning you just can put 1-2 teaspoons of the miracle 2 soap into a 24 oz spray botle from walmarts and dilute rest of water. For medium size jobs make it an ounce or two. For heavy cleaning projects it can be two to four ounces (again dilute with water). Remember because it suds that you need to add water slowly.


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When you use a go green product, remember it can be concentrated. I know this is true for both “miracle ii soap” as well as Dr Bronner soaps. If you are using the miracle 2 soap on your face, be sure to dilute it as otherwise it can be a skin peel product (which is what some people do intentionally!). Obviously doing a job of washing the floors will require less dilution than to use on your own skin. Think it out when you try to design things. I try to make various spray bottles for different applications – for instance for personal care I use one strength, for kitchen small jobs another and for hard grease cleaning jobs , a max strength version of miracle ii soap .

I am sure for other organic go green cleaners you need to do something similar. Of course this is also good to save money as you use less of the product. Also remember that certain go green products there is peppermint or other oils, you may not want to use these on floors as that can make them slippery! Use common sense.

Also certain products look natural but they have clorox or dangers about requiring ventilation! This is because a lot of commercial products now try to captilize on the go green movement, yet without modifying their chemicals and ingredients. Just throwing in aloe vera or something natural does NOT make it a go green product!

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Stress can effect your health condition. I see all the time in psychotherapy people with bad stomach problems due to restricted breathing from anxiety. Shallow breathing isn’t giving you proper oxygen circulation. It’s not just ulcers, but also you can get stress disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis or other intestinal disturbances.

Stress also can make us unable to focus in the moment. For instance, it can be hard to listen or be in the moment because there are agitating thoughts. In meditation class, they often say that we are unhappy because when things aren’t the way we want them to be, we shut down.

Sometimes, just taking a miracle ii detox bath can get rid of negative states of mind. Bathing or showering symbolically helps to clear the mind, though physically there is a way the toxins are removed as well. When you use miracle ii soap the funny thing is that there is a strong relaxation that accompanies the bathing.

One technique to use when you are in a stressful situation is to try to remember that the negative situation is not permanent. You won’t see your boss on the weekend. You don’t have to deal with the presentation once it’s over. The annoying kid in class isn’t in your home at night etc. Find ways to not see the stressful situation as ultimate and huge.

Stress can even happen when you are on vacation , the place where you are supposed to relax. For instance you can see how stressed this man became when he found that the car he parked at an Off Airport Parking area that was supposed to be secure didn’t keep his car there but moved it to the street! You have to keep humor to avoid things from building up and keep perspective to. If you saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire , you can see how difficult life can be and that many of our concerns are insignificant in comparison.

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I read a disturbing piece today in google news about how Dr. Adrienne Olson (who happens to be a breast cancer survivor) found estrogen in at least six well-known moisturizing creams. These are cited as potential carcinogens for female cancers.

At Rutgers U in the summer of 2008, research with mice showed that four moisturizers promoted skin cancer. In that study, the ones used were Dermabase, Eucerin and Vanicream.

Dr. Olsen tested 16 non-prescription skin moisturizers in all price ranges and sent them to a lab to be studied. The estrogen hormones estradiol, estrone, and estriol were found in six of the products. What was striking was that they weren’t listed in the ingredient list.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 30% increase in the risk of breast cancer was due to women taking combination HRT (hormone replacement therapy) pills.

Some experts say that when you apply estrogen directly to the skin it is worse than taking it orally due the absorption. Olsen believes that applying estrogen-laced skin lotion on a daily basis can be dangerous and possibly raise you risk to develop breast cancer.

Please look for natural products that don’t add hormones, preservatives and additives. Stop by Miracle II Skin Moisturizer to read more about a moisturizer without hormones or additives. In fact it is recommended you use the product within six months due to the absence of preservatives.

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On the internet you can find a lot of accounts from people about miracle ii and it seems like it can do everything from cleaning ovens to gentle facial washing. How can the same product clean your garage floor and also be something you can bathe in?

 I wondered when I read this how something can be gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to remove caked on dirt. It didn’t make sense to me that the same product can be used abrasively for caked-on dirt and grease as well as for delicate skin washing.  Also I read that some people use it in their washing machine to save money on detergent.

The same questions came to my mind about the miracle II gel. Some testimonials claimed it gave them great dental checkups when used on their teeth. Others said that was useful to stop mosquito bites from itching.

Personally after using it for a while, I’ve found that the miracle II soap would remove some clothes stains I had but it didn’t fix old carpet stains that were very deep. It did help remove some stains on my clothing I’d get during the day or while eating while driving . I found that the baths were very rejuvenating and that it does work to wash clothing in the washing machine. The founder, Clayton Tedeton,who recently passed away, explained that the different degrees of dilution is what makes it capable for various applications. He said you would never want to use the product full strength on your face (though some do use it that way as a facial peel). Like anything concentrated, using it in different ratios of dilution will have different strengths.

The miracle ii soap products are based on raising the body’s ph. Normally we are very acidic. By using the miracle II soap for bathing, we help the pores release toxins and this raises the body’s ph. He recommended scrubbing with a wash cloth to facilitate this process. I did find that after the bath, as he claimed, putting the bath water down my drains helped them move faster. It works as a de-greaser as well.  It is nice to be able to use “recycle” dirty water. It reminds me of composting. I think I get the same kick when someone gives me clothes they don’t want. It is re-used again and not wasted.

I am not sure if it would work for removing old ground-in carpet stains, as a wax stripper or for cleaning up garage oil stains stuck on cement, but for most household uses, it does the job well and it’s nice to not use chemicals but instead utilize an eco friendly product in these difficult economic times.

Feel free to write me at quietmind 2000 AT yahoo.com (combine all this without spaces) as I can sell a 5 pack for 59 with free shipping, 12 pack for 112 with free shipping or 2 soap gallons for 100 with free shipping.

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Wow, have you ever watched a kid start scratching their mosquito bites? Well my nephew was furiously scratching mosquito bites on his stomach while watching tv every 5 minutes. Then when we talked during a commercial and I asked him about how camp was this summer he told me his whole bunk had impetigo and were on antibiotics. Impetigo is a very contagious bacterial infection . There are 2 kinds- strep and staph- His was a staph infection. His arm had a lot of leftover marks on it.

I don’t want him to get impetigo again and he is always doing sports outside  diving into dirt, plus isn’t big on lots of showers. I brought down some miracle ii gel from the bathroom and it gave him instant relief for the itching. He said he doesn’t like calamine lotion due to drying feeling on his body.  Find something your kids will like- it could be miracle ii gel, home remedies like mixing baking soda and water, putting on scotch tape with a penny (read that on the net!) , listerine or crushing basil and putting on the bites. DON’T let your kids scratch since a bacterial infection is no fun- plus impetigo is very contagious. Visit below for an effective solution.

Miracle II Gel

Also remember that kids can be secretive. They may not tell you if they have an infection or rash on their skin. They do NOT like to go to the doctor.

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Pets like people can be allergic to products plus also need to be careful of what they eat. There wouldn’t be pet supermarkets otherwise! My friend leaves pay check to pay check largely due to making sure his cats are well taken care of plus he goes on weekends to feed the cats in the parking lot! He is a nice guy.

Pets can be allergic to pollen, have food allergies and even get contact dermatitis to certain substances that come in contact with them. Look into ways to minimize these reactions by reducing the number of chemicals that your pet needs to deal with.

There is nothing more painful than watching a pet constantly itching and trying to scratch itself. Whether it’s fleas, allergies or other reactions , pick up what your pet is reacting to to ease the pain.

Free Dog and Cat Cookbook- CLICK HERE

Discounts on Miracle II Products for Pets and People

Keep a diary of your pets’ reactions to see what in environment is difficult for them.

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