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On the internet you can find a lot of accounts from people about miracle ii and it seems like it can do everything from cleaning ovens to gentle facial washing. How can the same product clean your garage floor and also be something you can bathe in?

 I wondered when I read this how something can be gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to remove caked on dirt. It didn’t make sense to me that the same product can be used abrasively for caked-on dirt and grease as well as for delicate skin washing.  Also I read that some people use it in their washing machine to save money on detergent.

The same questions came to my mind about the miracle II gel. Some testimonials claimed it gave them great dental checkups when used on their teeth. Others said that was useful to stop mosquito bites from itching.

Personally after using it for a while, I’ve found that the miracle II soap would remove some clothes stains I had but it didn’t fix old carpet stains that were very deep. It did help remove some stains on my clothing I’d get during the day or while eating while driving . I found that the baths were very rejuvenating and that it does work to wash clothing in the washing machine. The founder, Clayton Tedeton,who recently passed away, explained that the different degrees of dilution is what makes it capable for various applications. He said you would never want to use the product full strength on your face (though some do use it that way as a facial peel). Like anything concentrated, using it in different ratios of dilution will have different strengths.

The miracle ii soap products are based on raising the body’s ph. Normally we are very acidic. By using the miracle II soap for bathing, we help the pores release toxins and this raises the body’s ph. He recommended scrubbing with a wash cloth to facilitate this process. I did find that after the bath, as he claimed, putting the bath water down my drains helped them move faster. It works as a de-greaser as well.  It is nice to be able to use “recycle” dirty water. It reminds me of composting. I think I get the same kick when someone gives me clothes they don’t want. It is re-used again and not wasted.

I am not sure if it would work for removing old ground-in carpet stains, as a wax stripper or for cleaning up garage oil stains stuck on cement, but for most household uses, it does the job well and it’s nice to not use chemicals but instead utilize an eco friendly product in these difficult economic times.

Feel free to write me at quietmind 2000 AT yahoo.com (combine all this without spaces) as I can sell a 5 pack for 59 with free shipping, 12 pack for 112 with free shipping or 2 soap gallons for 100 with free shipping.


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A lot of experts now are saying that we get diseases if we are too acidic. Getting our ph to be right is always tricky. Unfortunately those alkalinic foods are not always the ones we love to eat first- We usually like the 4 food groups of sugar, fat, ice cream and sodas. But there is something important about eating your green, leafy vegetables in relation to staying more alkalinic. Some say that being too acidic is due to the amount of soda people consume.

Some people will add a little miracle ii neutralizer liquid to soda to make it alkalinic and have the best of both words, but I try to stay away from sodas myself. You can get ph test kits at pool stores to see how yours is.  You don’t need a PhD to get your PH right.  Someone told me the water from Sam’s club is ph 7 but I haven’t tested it. It’s interesting that water can be a higher ph at a place like Sam’s!

You can find miracle ii 2 soap sale here

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I am not good with plants. I feel badly because clients give me plants regularly and I just seem to either over water them, not put in the right amount of sun or have another disaster occur. Anyway, I decided last week to start to add a few drops of neutralizer to the water when I water plants and to CONTROL myself and not water. So far, the orchid and iris are doing well.  I think over watering is the biggest mistake most people make.

For insects here are some ideas:

Gardening: A few drops ounce of Miracle II Soap added to 32-ounce water spray bottle kills insects on plants. But always add neutralizer when watering plants as soap alone can affect the flowering. (IF no bugs, you can just use several drops of neutralizer in a quart container). Do not use soap
product on flowers and vegetation that is decorative.

Miracle II For Plants

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When you look up “Miracle II” in the search engines you often see the FDA story about them. I talked to Clayton about this a few years ago and he said that there was one bottle a few years back that was questioned. He believed a competitor may have tried to manipulate their product but in any case, the bacteria found was a common one and not a pathogen and they did then clear things with the FDA and receive approval again. Remember this was back in 2005 and a month later everything was cleared.

Clayton said at that time, “We have had tests run through major labs and we have never had any contamination.  Both in the United States and Canada we have not been provided with a sample of what the FDA actually tested, so it’s more or less “your’re guilty” if we say you are or until you prove yourself innocent and we are going to jump on you before you have time to check things out for yourself. ”

The Miracle II  products have been around for 25 years and are staples in many peoples’ homes for cleaning, personal care, going green non toxic laundry and pet supplements. Stop by Miracle II Products for the starter kit.

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I’ve been using a little gel on toothbrush plus one drop of miracle ii soap and my dental hygenist said “You have no build up”. It was nice to hear. I spit out the soap and gel mixture but I think a little gets absorbed by the body. Also if I wake up in middle of night I’ll take a few drops of the miracle ii neutralizer internally. I think it may increase some minerals in my body because it has the same effect as taking calcium/magneisum tablets but I found that was too hard on my stomach without food.

Miracle II Products Information

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I started this blog to discuss many ways people use the miracle ii products and what comes up in the summer that products can address. They are chemical free and non-toxic and have been around for 24 years.

For mosquito bites, the gel works great. Give it to your child at sleep away camp and you’ll be their hero and they’ll be the bunk hero. Instead of seeing kids with big itchy red spots you’ll see the spots and itch disappear quickly.

The soap works great for a detox bath and is very rejuenating as well. I talked to someone with a carbon monoxide leak in her house she didn’t know about and after taking a bath she was amazed at the color of the water and how she was able to detox and get her energy back. Even if you haven’t taken a bath since you were 9, try one just to see how your energy expands.

Don’t let your pets feel left out. I got an email from someone telling me she had a very listless stray cat that she was worried about. After adding a few drops of neutralizer liquid, she said the cat’s spirit returned and now he won’t drink water that doesn’t have it. Stop by and pick up a free cat and dog recipe ebook, plus veggie cookbook and tips on using the products:

Miracle II Soap , Neutralizer and Gel


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