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Wow, have you ever watched a kid start scratching their mosquito bites? Well my nephew was furiously scratching mosquito bites on his stomach while watching tv every 5 minutes. Then when we talked during a commercial and I asked him about how camp was this summer he told me his whole bunk had impetigo and were on antibiotics. Impetigo is a very contagious bacterial infection . There are 2 kinds- strep and staph- His was a staph infection. His arm had a lot of leftover marks on it.

I don’t want him to get impetigo again and he is always doing sports outside¬† diving into dirt, plus isn’t big on lots of showers. I brought down some miracle ii gel from the bathroom and it gave him instant relief for the itching. He said he doesn’t like calamine lotion due to drying feeling on his body.¬† Find something your kids will like- it could be miracle ii gel, home remedies like mixing baking soda and water, putting on scotch tape with a penny (read that on the net!) , listerine or crushing basil and putting on the bites. DON’T let your kids scratch since a bacterial infection is no fun- plus impetigo is very contagious. Visit below for an effective solution.

Miracle II Gel

Also remember that kids can be secretive. They may not tell you if they have an infection or rash on their skin. They do NOT like to go to the doctor.


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