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When it comes time to clean house, there is no shortage in choice of cleaning supplies that we can use to help us with the process. Most of them are very helpful and will end up giving us very clean houses. However, most of them also contain very harsh chemicals that, while getting the house clean, are not very good for the environment. If you plan on applying them to surfaces that you will have your family around, you should know about the dangers of the chemicals contained in them.

Unfortunately, many of the commercial cleaning supplies contain chemicals that are extreme health hazards to us and our families. If you breathe them in, even accidentally, they could do severe damage to your lungs and possibly even poison your pets or other members of your family if accidentally ingested.

So how do you know if something contains a chemical cleaner or not, and what type of natural cleaners are good cleaners that will effectively clean your house? A good rule to live off of is to read the active ingredients on the back of your cleaning supplies. If you cannot read any of the words, or if you do not know exactly what the substance does or haven’t heard of it before, you probably are holding a very harsh commercial cleaner in your hands.

Some of the best natural cleaners out there have ingredients like salt, lemon, and orange. The cleaning agent is usually some type of vinegar, particularly distilled, that will cut through grease like it was its job. Additionally, by law, if something states that it is organic, they have the responsibility to prove to the government that all of their ingredients are, in fact, all organically grown. While the system has its flaws and there are many instances where a company claims something is organic when in reality it is not, it is still a good thumb rule to live by.

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When you use a go green product, remember it can be concentrated. I know this is true for both “miracle ii soap” as well as Dr Bronner soaps. If you are using the miracle 2 soap on your face, be sure to dilute it as otherwise it can be a skin peel product (which is what some people do intentionally!). Obviously doing a job of washing the floors will require less dilution than to use on your own skin. Think it out when you try to design things. I try to make various spray bottles for different applications – for instance for personal care I use one strength, for kitchen small jobs another and for hard grease cleaning jobs , a max strength version of miracle ii soap .

I am sure for other organic go green cleaners you need to do something similar. Of course this is also good to save money as you use less of the product. Also remember that certain go green products there is peppermint or other oils, you may not want to use these on floors as that can make them slippery! Use common sense.

Also certain products look natural but they have clorox or dangers about requiring ventilation! This is because a lot of commercial products now try to captilize on the go green movement, yet without modifying their chemicals and ingredients. Just throwing in aloe vera or something natural does NOT make it a go green product!

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We love lists and it’s the new year so here are tips that many health experts recommend to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

1) Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

2) Do some stretching and deep breathing daily.

3) Detox in some way regularly (ie a colon cleanse, deep skin brushing, miracle ii detox bath).

4) Find ways to get rid of emotional baggage and stress instead of letting it build up.

5) Eliminate soda, smoking, trans fatty acids, processed foods with no nutritional value, aluminimum cookware.

I’ll add more regularly but look these over and try to incorporate 1 or 2 in this week. That is the best way to have change stick. Don’t overwhelm yourself because then you’ll end up rebelling or resisting. Just pick a few tips that click for you and add them in to your life. If you feel deprived, you won’t sustain a new lifestyle. Don’t look at this as punishing yourself but free-ing yourself fromj the old patterns that were entrapping. This outlook change makes all the difference. Also give yourself time to adjust to the new changes. You will love stretching and deep breathing. It is relaxing and helps your mind not get into it’s usual chatter. Remember that Jill Taylor said in ,”My Stroke of Insight” that she felt so free letting go of 37 years of emotional baggage. It’s so true.

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In the news it was reported that BPA which is in lots of common hard plastics including plastic bottles and containers , contact lenses and lots of other daily items can have risks. A study showed that there is higher incidence of diabetes and heart issues for those with more exposure. Some of the common items containing bpa can include aluminum tin cans, baby bottles , water bottles. cds, dvds etc.

Wal Mart and Target are stepping up to start phasing this out which I thought was interesting.

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The summer is a time where people find themselves having allergic reactions. This may be because there is hiking in woods and we run up against poison ivy, pick berries to eat we may react to and of course encounter more insects than during cold weather.

Allergic reactions can involve rashes, stomach aches, fever etc. Please be aware if you feel a lot of pressure in your chest or that your throat is restricted to go to emergency room or call 911. Certain types of swelling can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes people get rashes if they are at hotels and have laundry done there when they have chemical sensitivities. Bring your products with you. I read a forum where several people had a rash from Goji berries. You just don’t know what can create an allergic rash. Also some people can get a rash from antibiotics- even if you haven’t in past or from nickel jewelry. Try to remember what you’ve done differently.

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Eco friendly household cleaning products are the rage now, but Miracle II Green Soap has been out for 25 years.  People are going green now due to environmental concerne as well as due to having sensitive skin, concerns about the lymphatic system being vulnerable to chemicals in our deodorants, detergents and fragrances as well as for saving money.

Keep in mind that it’s nice to not pollute our water system with chemicals . Don’t forget that people with asthma benefit by using earth friendly products. I know at some yoga centers I go to they have signs about no perfumes due to allergies and concern for others.

Others like the simplicity of things- you can take 2 teaspoons of miracle ii soap , stick it in a 24 oz walgreen spray bottle and add water. That can then be used for cleaning the home, mirrors and you don’t need tons of cleaners. You can add moisturizing soap into another spray bottle to use for shampoos, showers and shaving your legs. Then after you take a bath, take the bath water with the soap and put it in your drains and you’ll keep your pipes clean too. It is fun to think about how making a sparkling environment also saves money and that you then can save on a plumber too by the leftover bath water being used as a de-greaser. I always love when one thing can multiply as two , three or four.

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