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We love lists and it’s the new year so here are tips that many health experts recommend to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

1) Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

2) Do some stretching and deep breathing daily.

3) Detox in some way regularly (ie a colon cleanse, deep skin brushing, miracle ii detox bath).

4) Find ways to get rid of emotional baggage and stress instead of letting it build up.

5) Eliminate soda, smoking, trans fatty acids, processed foods with no nutritional value, aluminimum cookware.

I’ll add more regularly but look these over and try to incorporate 1 or 2 in this week. That is the best way to have change stick. Don’t overwhelm yourself because then you’ll end up rebelling or resisting. Just pick a few tips that click for you and add them in to your life. If you feel deprived, you won’t sustain a new lifestyle. Don’t look at this as punishing yourself but free-ing yourself fromj the old patterns that were entrapping. This outlook change makes all the difference. Also give yourself time to adjust to the new changes. You will love stretching and deep breathing. It is relaxing and helps your mind not get into it’s usual chatter. Remember that Jill Taylor said in ,”My Stroke of Insight” that she felt so free letting go of 37 years of emotional baggage. It’s so true.


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There are many ways to detox, but what I’ve been doing is to once every few weeks just swallow a few drops of miracle ii soap (I’ll just add a few more to my toothbrush with gel when I brush my teeth and then get a little more in my system (I spit it out but some gets ingested). I wanted to mention if you do take a little soap internally it is good to detox via your skin by taking a couple of baths first once a day for a few days. This helps the skin eliminate some toxins since the skin is a great organ of elimination. I stay in tub for 40 minutes on days I do this. IF you don’t take a couple of baths you may have a reaction such as a little nausea or cold symptoms so take a bath or two to reduce this. Have fun in the bath and don’t see it as a burden but as a way to de-stress with music and candles.

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