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miracle ii soap

miracle ii soap

When I first got the miracle ii soap, I wasn’t too sure how to use it because it needs to be diluted for various applications from cleaning to bathing to doing laundry.

One thing I found is that it worked best when I got spray bottles from walgreens or target and labelled them for different uses. I initially made a heavy cleaning job bottle, a regular strength cleaning bottle and also set up an old liquid pump soap to use in my bathroom.

When I was a kid, I loved to go into the bathroom with my sister and mix together different items with water, so this was pretty similar! Everyone’s water as a different hardness factor and people’s bodies have different phs so no one formula can be set in stone.

Here’s a couple that I use:

1) For regular house cleaning: Put 1-2 teaspoons of miracle ii soap into the spray bottle and slowly fill rest with water. This needs to be done at a slow pace due to all the bubbles that will form. This works well for counters, sinks, walls and general cleaning. I like that I’m not inhaling ingredients that I am suspicious about or have 14 syllables.

2) Bathroom pump spray: I put into an old liquid or dial pump container 1/2 a teaspoon of miracle ii moisturizing soap. I like to get some extra moisture on my hands so choose this one though some friends use the regular soap.

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Eco friendly household cleaning products are the rage now, but Miracle II Green Soap has been out for 25 years.  People are going green now due to environmental concerne as well as due to having sensitive skin, concerns about the lymphatic system being vulnerable to chemicals in our deodorants, detergents and fragrances as well as for saving money.

Keep in mind that it’s nice to not pollute our water system with chemicals . Don’t forget that people with asthma benefit by using earth friendly products. I know at some yoga centers I go to they have signs about no perfumes due to allergies and concern for others.

Others like the simplicity of things- you can take 2 teaspoons of miracle ii soap , stick it in a 24 oz walgreen spray bottle and add water. That can then be used for cleaning the home, mirrors and you don’t need tons of cleaners. You can add moisturizing soap into another spray bottle to use for shampoos, showers and shaving your legs. Then after you take a bath, take the bath water with the soap and put it in your drains and you’ll keep your pipes clean too. It is fun to think about how making a sparkling environment also saves money and that you then can save on a plumber too by the leftover bath water being used as a de-greaser. I always love when one thing can multiply as two , three or four.

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