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The summer is a time where people find themselves having allergic reactions. This may be because there is hiking in woods and we run up against poison ivy, pick berries to eat we may react to and of course encounter more insects than during cold weather.

Allergic reactions can involve rashes, stomach aches, fever etc. Please be aware if you feel a lot of pressure in your chest or that your throat is restricted to go to emergency room or call 911. Certain types of swelling can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes people get rashes if they are at hotels and have laundry done there when they have chemical sensitivities. Bring your products with you. I read a forum where several people had a rash from Goji berries. You just don’t know what can create an allergic rash. Also some people can get a rash from antibiotics- even if you haven’t in past or from nickel jewelry. Try to remember what you’ve done differently.

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