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In the summer, it’s easy to get a heat rash. Sometimes people call this a sweat rash, prickly heat rash or sun rash. First of all, try to wear cotton. If you wear nylon and stay in exercise clothes, your skin can’t breathe. If you do jog, go to the gym or wear a swimsuit , try to get it out of once done , shower and then get into cotton.

Some people easily get a heat rash and others can be in sun or workout for hours and never get one. Using corn starch is effective and oatmeal or miracle ii baths are very good for it. Just don’t take a hot water bath. During the day you can use a cold water compress and if you have the neutralizer, add a little neturalizer to it.

Don’t block your sweat glands and ducts. Heat rash will go away on it’s own but if you subject your body to the same conditions, it can occur again or get aggravated further. Drink water during the day and don’t stay in hot sun too long. Prickly heat rash can happen if you dress your baby in clothing too warm or put too many blankets on him or her, so check and see if your child is overheating. When you are trying to get rid of heat rash be sure to not lather your skin in thick oils that can clog your pores.


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There is a misconception that when you have a dust mites rash it’s due to being bitten. Remember that dust mites are very, very tiny so actually the rash is an allergic reaction to their waste materials.

People associate an allergic reaction to breathing problems, sneezing and wheezing but actually allergic reactions can involve skin eruptions as well. With dust mites, if you are allergic this may take the form of watery eyes but also you can get a type of eczema rash problem. The same thing happens with people that have food allergies- some people get respiratory reactions and other people get more little red bumps. Dust mites can do this to you and they are pretty much impossible to see.

What should you do for treating dust mites. First of all, don’t expect to see them. Vacuum the rugs frequently. They may not just reside in the bed. The bed linens and blankets should be washed well and this includes the pillow case. Getting a vinyl cover for the bed from kmart or another discount store will help to keep them getting on your skin.

Aside from treating the home, you need skin relief for the red marks on your body. Oatmeal baths are good to fight the skin irritiation. During the day use a sensitive skin moisturizer and also you can use oils from the health food store. Tumeric is anti-inflammatory and available in capsules.

Hot water is important when you wash the bed sheets and you want to get the water hotter than 140 degrees so adjust the hot water heater. Get a hepa vacuum and remember to change the vacuum bag frequently so they don’t stick around

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