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It can sound like a version of the movie Aliens, but scabies are really little mites that bury into your skin in burrows, lay eggs and continue this cycle. Scabies pictures vary because for some people it is tiny little red pimples and for others it can look more like welts. There is also a form of scabies called norwegian scabies which elderly people get.

Scabies are invisible to the eye, so it isn’t easy to tell if you have a scabies rash. What is also disturbing about scabies is that you may not have any symptoms for 4-8 weeks after exposure. This leads to a lot of uncertainty. I’ve spoken with nurses who treated patients with scabies and despite wearing gloves, they say they itch for a few days tremendously afterwards because of a psychological reaction.

Scabies are tiny mites that are contagious and passed via skin contact. They can also be sexually transmitted. Some say that scabies can be caught by wearing clothing of an infected person, sitting on a sofa for a long period of time or sharing towels and bed linens.

A scabies rash can look like red bumps, pimples or little blisters. They may be in the webs of fingers and wrist areas. These areas are often checked first by doctors and dermatologists to do a rash diagnosis. Scabies can be quite itchy due to the allergic reaction. Scratching the itch can result in a secondary rash such as eczema dermatitis or a bacterial skin rash problem.

It is important that all people in the household apply the 5 percent pesticide cream at same time. If this isn’t done, then mites can hop from person to person and this can be a cycle that continues longer than necessary. Bedding and clothing worn during the previous week should be washed in very hot water. Leave in dryer for extra time as well. Put stuffed animals and items that can’t be washed that were contact items into a plastic bag and don’t open it for a few weeks. Use Clorox and vacuum thoroughly to get rid of any mites that straggle. Put a vinyl mattress cover on the bed to not get reinfected if they are in the mattress.

There are natural methods to kill scabies that are reported to both remove the symptoms of scabies as well as to stop the eggs from hatching. For instance, neem oil is said to be effective because it is has contraceptive qualities and will prevent the eggs from hatching. This is used in India, mixed with tumeric. Be careful when using this on the body at bed time as it may stain sheets and bed clothing

To learn more about and see Picture of Scabies and ways to handle these mites read more articles at natural scabies treatment.


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