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If you have chest pain, problems with swallowing, coughing and react after eating a meal with high fat, you may have acid reflux or heatburn problems.

Acid reflux disease is primarily caused by the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter. If there is insufficient supply of the stomach acid, the valve in the stomach responsible for churning up foods to the intestine does not open up.

Smoking can irritate this problem but recent studies are now showing that coffee, alcohol and tea don’t cause the disease. Nonetheles, they can still make things worse, especially alcohol.

If you smoke for over 20 years, there is a 70 percent chance to develop this more than non-smokers. This is an important motivator to quit smoking.

A new study shows that high amounts of salt can have a similar response for the body to develop gerd as smoking. At NYU Medical center, they saw a high correlation of how extra salt can create a risk for gastro esophageal reflux disease.

To treat this kind of disorder, there are varieties of ways possible. It can be cured by prescribed drugs such as antacids, by natural way such as change of diet system, elevation of the head when lying down, or to the utmost is surgery. And of course, it will be best to stop or avoid smoking and drinking alcohol especially to people who are vulnerable to acid reflux disease.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease causes a lot of discomfort that it can ruin even your lifestyle. To avoid its bad effects, precautionary measures should be considered. You can read more here about a natural cure at Heart Burn Cure

My friend mentioned that this approach stopped her problem and she no longer has to deal with the constant waking up and burning she’d have. She had in past tried various tips here and there and had no consistent results due to not using a proven system and skipping around:

Acid Reflux Solution


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We love lists and it’s the new year so here are tips that many health experts recommend to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

1) Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

2) Do some stretching and deep breathing daily.

3) Detox in some way regularly (ie a colon cleanse, deep skin brushing, miracle ii detox bath).

4) Find ways to get rid of emotional baggage and stress instead of letting it build up.

5) Eliminate soda, smoking, trans fatty acids, processed foods with no nutritional value, aluminimum cookware.

I’ll add more regularly but look these over and try to incorporate 1 or 2 in this week. That is the best way to have change stick. Don’t overwhelm yourself because then you’ll end up rebelling or resisting. Just pick a few tips that click for you and add them in to your life. If you feel deprived, you won’t sustain a new lifestyle. Don’t look at this as punishing yourself but free-ing yourself fromj the old patterns that were entrapping. This outlook change makes all the difference. Also give yourself time to adjust to the new changes. You will love stretching and deep breathing. It is relaxing and helps your mind not get into it’s usual chatter. Remember that Jill Taylor said in ,”My Stroke of Insight” that she felt so free letting go of 37 years of emotional baggage. It’s so true.

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Miracle II Soap can be used in some ways you may not have thought about. Lather some up with water and use it to shave your beard or legs. People say that they can use their razor longer than with other soaps or shaving creams. If you’ve been exposed to chemicals take a miracle ii soap bath. I spoke with someone who had a furnace problem and didn’t know it. There was carbon monoxide poisoning but since it’s odorless and colorless she didn’t know it. When she took a long miracle ii soap bath the water turned brown.

The soap needs to be diluted and shouldn’t be use as-is since it’s very concentrated. Another use is to either wash laundry in washing machine with a few caps of the miracle 2 soap or use the laundry ball and use 1/2 a teaspoon. The ingredients in laundry detergents cause allergic reactions for some. When you sweat you are absorbing chemicals into your body. Read more at Miracle II Soap or send me an email at quietmind2000@yahoo.com for learning about various uses and how to get it at discount pricing.

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