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Okay, we all want our kids to get a good education but one downside of that is that kids can easily pick up various bugs and diseases being so close to other kids. What are some of these? First of all, the common cold and flu are obvious ones, but sometimes kids will go to school with bronochitis or a bacterial infection and not know it. Sure they will get on an antibiotic possibly that night but they’ve already been in school coughing. I like to make a spray with Miracle II Neutralizer and give it to my nephew to take to school to use. I’m not sure how often he does, but he is doing very well.

Head lice is something that goes arounds schools but usually the teacher will send a note home to alert parents. Unfortunately this may not always be the case. Other contagious skin conditions include Ringworm Rash and the highly contagious Scabies Rash . Please be aware that you need to get a prescription lotion for scabies that is 5 percnent and NOT to use the lice over the counter creams that are only 1 percent. They will not eradicate scabies. Also if it is scabies, your whole family should also apply the cream to avoid re-infestation to each other.

Well, what else is fun that goes around? Childhood disease like chicken pox is something to be aware of. Cold sores are contagious and also mono. Give your kid a multi-vitamin, eat well, have sufficient rest structured and ways to de-stress. Miracle II works well for baths and detoxing via baths. IF your kid doesn’t like sports or to exercise, get him or her to walk the dog or to do a few “errands” like getting the mail etc that will get circulation going.


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When I was trying to figure out what my rash was, I spent a lot of time studying Picture of Rashes sites. I have to say this made me very anxious and confused as the pictures looks similar when you compared scabies, hives, eczema and pithyriasis rosacea.

I really recommend reading the descriptions more as a way to get into the specifics. See if it was sudden or gradual growth. Does it cover your face at all? Some rashes don’t go on face such as scabies. Is it worse in sun? Is it contagious? Do the marks appear and disappear? Really look at this closely to get an idea of the answers and this will help in the self-diagnosis. Sometimes even biopsies may not be helpful since scabies often won’t show up in a biopsy.

I’ve had a few clients recently speak about Dermatitis Herpetiformis and some have found relief through diet.

Pictures are worth a thousand words but not always for rashes!

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miracle ii soap

miracle ii soap

When I first got the miracle ii soap, I wasn’t too sure how to use it because it needs to be diluted for various applications from cleaning to bathing to doing laundry.

One thing I found is that it worked best when I got spray bottles from walgreens or target and labelled them for different uses. I initially made a heavy cleaning job bottle, a regular strength cleaning bottle and also set up an old liquid pump soap to use in my bathroom.

When I was a kid, I loved to go into the bathroom with my sister and mix together different items with water, so this was pretty similar! Everyone’s water as a different hardness factor and people’s bodies have different phs so no one formula can be set in stone.

Here’s a couple that I use:

1) For regular house cleaning: Put 1-2 teaspoons of miracle ii soap into the spray bottle and slowly fill rest with water. This needs to be done at a slow pace due to all the bubbles that will form. This works well for counters, sinks, walls and general cleaning. I like that I’m not inhaling ingredients that I am suspicious about or have 14 syllables.

2) Bathroom pump spray: I put into an old liquid or dial pump container 1/2 a teaspoon of miracle ii moisturizing soap. I like to get some extra moisture on my hands so choose this one though some friends use the regular soap.

Miracle II Products

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On the internet you can find a lot of accounts from people about miracle ii and it seems like it can do everything from cleaning ovens to gentle facial washing. How can the same product clean your garage floor and also be something you can bathe in?

 I wondered when I read this how something can be gentle on your skin, yet strong enough to remove caked on dirt. It didn’t make sense to me that the same product can be used abrasively for caked-on dirt and grease as well as for delicate skin washing.  Also I read that some people use it in their washing machine to save money on detergent.

The same questions came to my mind about the miracle II gel. Some testimonials claimed it gave them great dental checkups when used on their teeth. Others said that was useful to stop mosquito bites from itching.

Personally after using it for a while, I’ve found that the miracle II soap would remove some clothes stains I had but it didn’t fix old carpet stains that were very deep. It did help remove some stains on my clothing I’d get during the day or while eating while driving . I found that the baths were very rejuvenating and that it does work to wash clothing in the washing machine. The founder, Clayton Tedeton,who recently passed away, explained that the different degrees of dilution is what makes it capable for various applications. He said you would never want to use the product full strength on your face (though some do use it that way as a facial peel). Like anything concentrated, using it in different ratios of dilution will have different strengths.

The miracle ii soap products are based on raising the body’s ph. Normally we are very acidic. By using the miracle II soap for bathing, we help the pores release toxins and this raises the body’s ph. He recommended scrubbing with a wash cloth to facilitate this process. I did find that after the bath, as he claimed, putting the bath water down my drains helped them move faster. It works as a de-greaser as well.  It is nice to be able to use “recycle” dirty water. It reminds me of composting. I think I get the same kick when someone gives me clothes they don’t want. It is re-used again and not wasted.

I am not sure if it would work for removing old ground-in carpet stains, as a wax stripper or for cleaning up garage oil stains stuck on cement, but for most household uses, it does the job well and it’s nice to not use chemicals but instead utilize an eco friendly product in these difficult economic times.

Feel free to write me at quietmind 2000 AT yahoo.com (combine all this without spaces) as I can sell a 5 pack for 59 with free shipping, 12 pack for 112 with free shipping or 2 soap gallons for 100 with free shipping.

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