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Wow, have you ever watched a kid start scratching their mosquito bites? Well my nephew was furiously scratching mosquito bites on his stomach while watching tv every 5 minutes. Then when we talked during a commercial and I asked him about how camp was this summer he told me his whole bunk had impetigo and were on antibiotics. Impetigo is a very contagious bacterial infection . There are 2 kinds- strep and staph- His was a staph infection. His arm had a lot of leftover marks on it.

I don’t want him to get impetigo again and he is always doing sports outside  diving into dirt, plus isn’t big on lots of showers. I brought down some miracle ii gel from the bathroom and it gave him instant relief for the itching. He said he doesn’t like calamine lotion due to drying feeling on his body.  Find something your kids will like- it could be miracle ii gel, home remedies like mixing baking soda and water, putting on scotch tape with a penny (read that on the net!) , listerine or crushing basil and putting on the bites. DON’T let your kids scratch since a bacterial infection is no fun- plus impetigo is very contagious. Visit below for an effective solution.

Miracle II Gel

Also remember that kids can be secretive. They may not tell you if they have an infection or rash on their skin. They do NOT like to go to the doctor.


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In Seattle, a number of firefighters have a battle with cancer and the statistics involved is a bit alarming. Over a third of the firefighters in the city of Seattle that were hired before the mid 70s have some illness. more than a third of Seattle firefighters hired before 1977 have developed

“In 2006, a University of Cincinnati study found an increased risk of 10 cancers connected with firefighting, and four others with a significantly increased risk connected to firefighting – testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma. The study that noted the actual risk of cancer might be underestimated because firefighters are typically considered healthier than the general population when they enter their careers.” This is according to the Alaska Journal.

It brings up a lot of questions of sacrifice and putting your own life at risk. This isn’t true just for firefighters but for teachers that work in rough neighborhoods and other professionals.

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In the news it was reported that BPA which is in lots of common hard plastics including plastic bottles and containers , contact lenses and lots of other daily items can have risks. A study showed that there is higher incidence of diabetes and heart issues for those with more exposure. Some of the common items containing bpa can include aluminum tin cans, baby bottles , water bottles. cds, dvds etc.

Wal Mart and Target are stepping up to start phasing this out which I thought was interesting.

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Pets like people can be allergic to products plus also need to be careful of what they eat. There wouldn’t be pet supermarkets otherwise! My friend leaves pay check to pay check largely due to making sure his cats are well taken care of plus he goes on weekends to feed the cats in the parking lot! He is a nice guy.

Pets can be allergic to pollen, have food allergies and even get contact dermatitis to certain substances that come in contact with them. Look into ways to minimize these reactions by reducing the number of chemicals that your pet needs to deal with.

There is nothing more painful than watching a pet constantly itching and trying to scratch itself. Whether it’s fleas, allergies or other reactions , pick up what your pet is reacting to to ease the pain.

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Keep a diary of your pets’ reactions to see what in environment is difficult for them.

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There are many ways to detox, but what I’ve been doing is to once every few weeks just swallow a few drops of miracle ii soap (I’ll just add a few more to my toothbrush with gel when I brush my teeth and then get a little more in my system (I spit it out but some gets ingested). I wanted to mention if you do take a little soap internally it is good to detox via your skin by taking a couple of baths first once a day for a few days. This helps the skin eliminate some toxins since the skin is a great organ of elimination. I stay in tub for 40 minutes on days I do this. IF you don’t take a couple of baths you may have a reaction such as a little nausea or cold symptoms so take a bath or two to reduce this. Have fun in the bath and don’t see it as a burden but as a way to de-stress with music and candles.

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