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A lot of experts now are saying that we get diseases if we are too acidic. Getting our ph to be right is always tricky. Unfortunately those alkalinic foods are not always the ones we love to eat first- We usually like the 4 food groups of sugar, fat, ice cream and sodas. But there is something important about eating your green, leafy vegetables in relation to staying more alkalinic. Some say that being too acidic is due to the amount of soda people consume.

Some people will add a little miracle ii neutralizer liquid to soda to make it alkalinic and have the best of both words, but I try to stay away from sodas myself. You can get ph test kits at pool stores to see how yours is.  You don’t need a PhD to get your PH right.  Someone told me the water from Sam’s club is ph 7 but I haven’t tested it. It’s interesting that water can be a higher ph at a place like Sam’s!

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I am not good with plants. I feel badly because clients give me plants regularly and I just seem to either over water them, not put in the right amount of sun or have another disaster occur. Anyway, I decided last week to start to add a few drops of neutralizer to the water when I water plants and to CONTROL myself and not water. So far, the orchid and iris are doing well.  I think over watering is the biggest mistake most people make.

For insects here are some ideas:

Gardening: A few drops ounce of Miracle II Soap added to 32-ounce water spray bottle kills insects on plants. But always add neutralizer when watering plants as soap alone can affect the flowering. (IF no bugs, you can just use several drops of neutralizer in a quart container). Do not use soap
product on flowers and vegetation that is decorative.

Miracle II For Plants

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The summer is a time where people find themselves having allergic reactions. This may be because there is hiking in woods and we run up against poison ivy, pick berries to eat we may react to and of course encounter more insects than during cold weather.

Allergic reactions can involve rashes, stomach aches, fever etc. Please be aware if you feel a lot of pressure in your chest or that your throat is restricted to go to emergency room or call 911. Certain types of swelling can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes people get rashes if they are at hotels and have laundry done there when they have chemical sensitivities. Bring your products with you. I read a forum where several people had a rash from Goji berries. You just don’t know what can create an allergic rash. Also some people can get a rash from antibiotics- even if you haven’t in past or from nickel jewelry. Try to remember what you’ve done differently.

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Our skin absorbs (that is why they have hormone patches, nicotine patches etc). This makes me nervous about laundry detergent chemicals as there is writing about the lymph system  and breast cancer. I know I perspire a lot in summer and we can absorb residues on our clothing after doing laundry into our system.

I have been using the miracle ii laundry ball to do my wash with just one teaspoon of miracle ii soap. They say you don’t need to use soap at all but I like to see the suds! Anyway the clothes are great and I’ll sometimes add a drop of white vinegar for whites. I feel now relaxed and that I can sweat all I want without worry.

If you do not have laundry ball you can use a few teaspoons of
moisturizing soap alone (but you will save money in long
run if you get the laundry ball). Also don’t put laundry ball into dryer (though I did accidently and it seems fine). The company guarantees the laundry ball for 3 years so that is a great savings on paying for detergent and of course mine is already over 5 years old. I also use two sometimes if I put in a big load in case it gets stuck in a shirt sleeve.  Read up on chemicals and the lymph system. Also a lot of people get rashes from changing laundry detergents or soaps so if you recently have had a rash try to see if you had changed any cleaning or washing products . This seems to happen often in summer time.

Stop by for Miracle II Soap information and pick up a free veggie cookbook and cat/dog cookbook. Oh the soap is good for fleas if your dog is suffering.

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