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When you look up “Miracle II” in the search engines you often see the FDA story about them. I talked to Clayton about this a few years ago and he said that there was one bottle a few years back that was questioned. He believed a competitor may have tried to manipulate their product but in any case, the bacteria found was a common one and not a pathogen and they did then clear things with the FDA and receive approval again. Remember this was back in 2005 and a month later everything was cleared.

Clayton said at that time, “We have had tests run through major labs and we have never had any contamination.  Both in the United States and Canada we have not been provided with a sample of what the FDA actually tested, so it’s more or less “your’re guilty” if we say you are or until you prove yourself innocent and we are going to jump on you before you have time to check things out for yourself. ”

The Miracle II  products have been around for 25 years and are staples in many peoples’ homes for cleaning, personal care, going green non toxic laundry and pet supplements. Stop by Miracle II Products for the starter kit.


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Eco friendly household cleaning products are the rage now, but Miracle II Green Soap has been out for 25 years.  People are going green now due to environmental concerne as well as due to having sensitive skin, concerns about the lymphatic system being vulnerable to chemicals in our deodorants, detergents and fragrances as well as for saving money.

Keep in mind that it’s nice to not pollute our water system with chemicals . Don’t forget that people with asthma benefit by using earth friendly products. I know at some yoga centers I go to they have signs about no perfumes due to allergies and concern for others.

Others like the simplicity of things- you can take 2 teaspoons of miracle ii soap , stick it in a 24 oz walgreen spray bottle and add water. That can then be used for cleaning the home, mirrors and you don’t need tons of cleaners. You can add moisturizing soap into another spray bottle to use for shampoos, showers and shaving your legs. Then after you take a bath, take the bath water with the soap and put it in your drains and you’ll keep your pipes clean too. It is fun to think about how making a sparkling environment also saves money and that you then can save on a plumber too by the leftover bath water being used as a de-greaser. I always love when one thing can multiply as two , three or four.

Miracle II 2 Products Wholesale


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I’ve been using a little gel on toothbrush plus one drop of miracle ii soap and my dental hygenist said “You have no build up”. It was nice to hear. I spit out the soap and gel mixture but I think a little gets absorbed by the body. Also if I wake up in middle of night I’ll take a few drops of the miracle ii neutralizer internally. I think it may increase some minerals in my body because it has the same effect as taking calcium/magneisum tablets but I found that was too hard on my stomach without food.

Miracle II Products Information

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I started this blog to discuss many ways people use the miracle ii products and what comes up in the summer that products can address. They are chemical free and non-toxic and have been around for 24 years.

For mosquito bites, the gel works great. Give it to your child at sleep away camp and you’ll be their hero and they’ll be the bunk hero. Instead of seeing kids with big itchy red spots you’ll see the spots and itch disappear quickly.

The soap works great for a detox bath and is very rejuenating as well. I talked to someone with a carbon monoxide leak in her house she didn’t know about and after taking a bath she was amazed at the color of the water and how she was able to detox and get her energy back. Even if you haven’t taken a bath since you were 9, try one just to see how your energy expands.

Don’t let your pets feel left out. I got an email from someone telling me she had a very listless stray cat that she was worried about. After adding a few drops of neutralizer liquid, she said the cat’s spirit returned and now he won’t drink water that doesn’t have it. Stop by and pick up a free cat and dog recipe ebook, plus veggie cookbook and tips on using the products:

Miracle II Soap , Neutralizer and Gel


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